2 women who robbed houses under the modus operandi of "La Patrona" fall

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Elements of the Mexico City Police, stopped to two women who are related to at least two home robberies under the modus operandi of "The Patron."

One of the thefts was recorded in the Santa Fe neighborhood, Álvaro Obregón mayor's officelast September 13.

His arrest took place in the Gustavo A. Madero mayor's office, according to the head of the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) from the capital, Pablo Vázquez.

Through his social network suspicious They threatened workers to hand over their belongings to platform taxis.

"In @TuAlcaldiaGam, as a result of investigative work, @SSC_CDMX arrested two women related to at least two home robberies; they threatened workers to deliver belongings to platform taxis. One of them has a criminal record," this published Monday the Chief of Police.

Both were arrested in possession of cocaine wrappers in the La Villa Aragón neighborhood.

The detainees They were identified as Silvia, 41 years old, and Ivonne Adabella, 44 years old, the latter having been admitted to a Women's Rehabilitation Center in the state of Jalisco, for the crime of Robbery in 2004.

According to the investigations, they use the modus operandi "The Patroness" with which they hook their victims through text messages, they make the domestic worker believe that their boss is in a situation emergency, so they ask to deliver money or valuable objects to support them.

Once hookedthey send vehicles registered on digital platforms to collect the objects stolen by employees and arrange delivery at different points.


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