150 trans people murdered in the last three years; homophobic hatred suffers mayor

150 trans people murdered in the last three years; homophobic
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Hatred homophobic towards the community LGBTTIQ+ has not stopped, despite the fact that in Mexico five million people over 15 years of age and older self-identify as part of the community, so even public officials such as mayor Adolfo Cerqueda is a victim of it

Therefore, in the last three years alone, 400 people have been murdered by hate crimes, 150 in the state of Mexico alone, and they claim that their rights continue to be ignored, which is why they are even buried in common graves named after sex and by which they were identified, without dignifying their existence.

So the Tiresa AC Dolls House Civil Association has rescued 60 bodies of trans women in order to dignify them, since its founder Keyna Cuevasassured that the bodies of trans women who have been victims of homicide, who die from illnesses or who are not claimed by their families, are taken to universities or are buried in graves without names or with those corresponding to their sex and not how they were identified.

He mentioned that from 2020 to 2023 there have been reports 400 hate crimesof which 152 cases have been registered in the state of Mexico, which together with Veracruz and Tabascoare the ones that report the most cases.

He highlighted that the members of the community of LGBTTIQ+ who die in this context and in the abandonment of their families, their bodies are taken to mass graves or to universitiesso he took on the task of seeking to dignify them in death.

The activist He commented that so far he has recovered 60 bodies "we have rescued many bodies of women who have died in this context of abandonment, social and family structural violence, that is why the bodies of these women went to the universities already graves without names and since the doll's house organization Tiresias has agreed with this idea of ​​creating mausoleums to dignify their lives and recognize their identities”.

So with an agreement with the city ​​hall of Nezahualcóyotl, a mausoleum was designated for the LGBTTTIQ+ communitythe first of its kind in the state of Mexico, which has 70 drawers, “which will serve to give a worthy resting place to all those people who, due to the fact of identifying themselves differently, were rejected by their families and sadly they died in tragic circumstances,” said Mayor Adolfo Cerqueda.

The mayor regretted that homophobic hatred has not diminishedand I quote his case, where he is attacked every time he uses social networks

“What we can tell you is the cases of hatred, rejection, discrimination They continue every day, every day I talked to someone in the morning I told them there is no photo that I upload on Facebook that doesn't have some theme beyond homophobic hatred, themes like you should stop breathing, like this guy who the truth is "Today they lacerate those of us who are in charge of public spaces today, being at the service of citizens," he noted.

He mausoleum It is the second that exists in the country, the first is located in Mexico City in the delegation Iztapalapawith what they seek to dignify and honor.

"How important it would be that in a public pantheon that this is, we see this space and if we are from the community come on to know that our sisters are there and we can leave them a flower, we can give them a tribute as we all deserve,” said the activist. Kenya Cuevas


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