14-year-old signs with Real Salt Lake City and will be the youngest player in MLS history

Axel Kei will become the youngest player to debut in MLS. Referential image.

Photo: Marcos Dominguez / Imago7

Overcoming the mark left by striker Freddy Adu, the American striker of Ivorian origin Axel Kei became the youngest player to sign a contract in MLS with only 14 years.

Real Salt Lake City signed this young striker from whom much is expected. The data collected by the scouts are amazing, they predict a bright future.

Those of Utah already had the rights of the young man and his signature comes from the team's own basic forces.

With only 14 years and 15 daysKei is 153 days younger than Adu when the latter signed in 2004 at the same age with DC United.

The general manager of Real Salt Lake, Elliot Fall, has used the club's official social networks to throw flowers at his new jewel:

“Axel has proven to be one of the best attacking prospects in the country (
) his propensity in front of goal is far beyond his years and, coupled with his elite athleticism, he projects to become a force
goalscorer in our league for years to come."

Cultural wealth of Axel Kei

Although he has lived much of his life in the United States, Axel Kei grew up in Brazil where his father (born in the Ivory Coast) played soccer professionally. With his young age, the family decides to move to San Diego, California, where little Axel began to stand out for his talent on his feet. In October 2021, he made his debut with the Real Monarchs, a Salt Lake affiliate, and at once began to attract the attention of his coaches.


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