12 Affordable Products to Break In Uncomfortable Shoes

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Raise your hand if you've ever ordered a pair of shoes that look like they were meant just for you. You check the shipping status multiple times every day, staring out the window like a cat, waiting for the delivery truck to come by, in tow with your new sole-mate.

You unwrap the box like a child on Christmas Day, and try on the shoes like Cinderella, ready for your happily ever after... only to find out that the shoes of your dreams were actually nightmares for your feet. Sure, the shoes look absolutely gorgeous, but your feet are crying out in pain, either because the shoes were too small, too big or too stiff.

Before you regret the loss of your happily ever after and sadly click that "return" button, wait! I've been in your shoes before (pun completely intended), and I'm here to guide your lost sunshine. From toe protectors to shoe stretchers to anti-blister balms, we've rounded up the best problem-solving finds for immediate, long-lasting foot relief so that you can jump, dance and stomp away in any shoes, one step at a time .

These top-rated finds are all available on Amazon, and reviewers rave about their effectiveness in delivering amazing results. Say goodbye to shoe-related worries, so don't walk, but run, to that "add to cart" button.

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