11 people die by electrocution during procession in India | News


At least 11 people were electrocuted and 15 others were injured on Wednesday as a religious procession took place in southern India.


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Through a statement, the head of regional government Muthuvel Karunanidhi Stalin reported and lamented the event that occurred in the vicinity of the Hindu temple located in the town of Kalimedu.

Local media reported that when one of the floats tried to turn its highest part, it contacted the wiring, electrocuting the nearby attendees, including two minors.

This religious activity is usually celebrated in India, but most of the previous occasions the electrical system in the vicinity of the temple was disconnected to avoid tragedies like the one that happened.

This time this protocol was not carried out because it was trusted that the height of the floats would not reach the wiring, however, local media indicate that there was an increase in the height of the festive vehicles that was not reported to the relevant authorities to to take the necessary measures.

Social networks echoed the terrible event, showing videos and images showing the scene and the float, highlighting its central part where it presumably made contact with the high-voltage power line.

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