10 tips to get the most out of your car’s gas tank


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The war between Russia and Ukraine has shaken the main oil markets around the world in recent months. This has been clearly reflected in the price of gasoline in the United States and has already become a problem to deal with in daily life.

The American Automobile Association (AAA) reported that the national average price of gasoline is $4.42 dollars, thus reaching an all-time high. This represents an increase of 2 cents more than Tuesday, May 10, 17 cents more than a week ago, 32 cents more than a month ago and $1.41 more than a month ago according to research by Consumer Reports.

That is why we believe that it is a good time for you, regardless of the car you have, to start saving fuel just by improving your driving habits or using different applications that help a lot these days.

diesel gasoline prices
While gasoline rose $1.29 dollars in the last year, diesel rose $2.36 dollars in the same period.

Tips to save gas

  1. Keep the car at a minimum of half a tank at all times. By having this amount of fuel you will be able to better deal with any contingency and you will also have displacement capacity.
  2. Use apps that tell you where you can save money on fuel. As strange as it may seem, gasoline prices can vary even within the same area, as we told you in a previous note.
  3. If you can postpone any travel until the situation improves, do so. You will conserve purchased fuel and wait for an optimal time to do so without having to go through the stress of thinking about where and how to refuel.
  4. Follow speed limits when driving, they are posted for safety reasons, but following them has been proven to save fuel. The cost of gasoline is not the same in a vehicle that travels at 75 mph as one that goes at 65 mph. It could go a lot more miles with a proper rpm.
  5. Avoid accelerating or braking suddenly during a trip. Keep as steady a pace as possible.
  6. Pay attention to the aerodynamic resistance that some objects that are unnecessary in your car can offer. For example, a roof rack.
  7. Buy good quality gasoline whenever possible. You will probably spend more money but in the long run you will be saving with the performance that it can have and the protection that it provides to the engine.
  8. If your car is rated for regular gas and not premium, fill what you really need. Some tend to put “recommended” in the user manual but this clearly leaves the door open to define that it is perfectly optional.
  9. You should check the tire pressure. A tire with less air than normal can change performance by putting more wear on the engine.
  10. If you can turn off the air conditioning, do so. Clearly this can only be done in climates that allow it.
The ways you rev ​​the engine influence fuel economy.


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