10 Items You Should Buy At Costco Instead Of Amazon


There are certain products that represent savings for the consumer if they are purchased at Costco instead of their competition.

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Every time it is possible to find among a great variety of stores with different prices and offers. Amazon has become the site of choice for many people with membershipdue to its scheduled deliveries for the same day, among other benefits.

For its part, Costco, although it does not have the varied catalog of Amazon products, it also offers pricing and delivery options that, in some cases, beat its competition. The site GoBankingRates looked at various products and put together a list of the best items to buy at Costco.

1. Huggies Diapers

Both offer reasonable prices. On the one hand, Amazon offers the package of 180 units at $53 dollars, this is equivalent to ¢29 cents per diaper. Instead, Costco offers a pack of 192 diapers for $45, which works out to ¢24 cents per diaper.

2. Multivitamin for women Alive!

A 200-tablet bottle of this multivitamin costs $22.97, or ¢12 cents per tablet, at Costco.com. In contrast, on Amazon, a bottle with 130 tablets costs $24.67, or almost ¢19 cents per tablet.

3. Dixie Ultra Paper Plate

At Amazon, a package with 172 paper plates costs around $36 dollars, or ¢21 cents per plate; In Cost, the price of a package of 186 units is $24 dollars, which is equivalent to ¢13 cents per plate.

4. Charmin toilet paper

While on Amazon the package with 24 rolls costs $33 dollars; at Costco, a 30-roll package costs $31, the website notes.

5. K. Bell invisible sock

A pack of 20 pairs can be found through Costco’s website for $19.99. However, on Amazon, the package with nine pairs costs about $22, or $2.44 per pair.

6. Kraft Cup Microwavable Macaroni and Cheese

A pack of 12 cups is $19.23, or $1.60 per cup on Amazon. In contrast, at Costco, the same product costs $11.09, or ¢93 cents per glass. In this case, the savings between both items is quite considerable, of more than $8 dollars.

7. Baby wipes

Costco offers a presentation of 900 wipes for $22 dollars, which is equivalent to ¢0.2 cents per wipe. Meanwhile, Amazon has in its inventory a package of 336 wipes for $12 dollars, around ¢4 cents per unit.

8. San Francisco Bay French Roast Coffee Pods

Acquiring this product also makes the difference between both stores. On Amazon you can find a box with 120 capsules for $50 dollars, which is equivalent to ¢42 cents per cup. Costco, on the other hand, can drop its product to $30 or less at the warehouse club, which works out to ¢31 cents or less per cup.

9. Quaker Instant Oatmeal

Amazon offers a box with 44 Fruit & Cream packets for $16 dollars, that means ¢36 cents per packet. For a box of 40 packages of the same product at Costco, you pay $10.49, which translates to ¢26 cents per package.

10. Skippy Peanut Butter

Finally, for this product, Amazon is offering a two-pack of 48-ounce jars of Skippy SperChunk Peanut Butter for $11.98. For its part, Costco offers the same presentation for $10.49, that is, $1.50 less.

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