1-1. An agonizing goal from Rebeca Fernández puts Universidad de Chile in the quarterfinals

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Bogotá, Oct 11 (EFE).- Santa Fe won from the 30th minute, but a goal by Rebeca Fernández in the 89th left everything the same (1-1) and qualified Universidad de Chile to the quarterfinals of the Cup this Wednesday Libertadores Femenina, an instance in which they will face another Colombian team, Atlético Nacional.

The game at the Techo stadium in Bogotá was not a very bright match, and it took a while for the emotions to take off.

However, María Camila Reyes scored a free kick that involved Fernanda Pinilla, who scored into her own goal in the 30th minute.

The Chilean team chose to close the lines and contain the arrivals of the cardinals, who needed to win to improve the balance of one defeat and one victory in their previous outings.

So they did a special job to prevent the scorer Diana Celis from causing danger, and when she entered the offensive phase it was Bárbara Sánchez, Rebeca Fernández and Franchesca Caniguán who became active, but they did not cause danger in the first half.

Already with a 1-0 advantage, the Lionesses played with more ease because the result left them at the top of their zone, since at that same moment they were equal in Cali Olimpia and Universitario.

The first half went between divided balls, cut play and little depth.

For the complement, Santa Fe had to do without Celis, the competition's top scorer with four goals, who was suffering from physical discomfort and was relieved by Enyerliannys Higuera.

This adjustment did not take away the offensive presence of the locals and goalkeeper Campos began to be important with interventions such as saving Gaitán's shot and her high concentration when Reyes demanded it.

The women from Bogota quickened their pace as they felt the wear and tear of their rivals at the 2,625 meters of altitude in the Colombian capital.

Coach Nicolás Bravo sent Yissel Aquino to the field and from the start he showed light with a filtered pass to Fernández that did not end in a goal due to the response of Yessica Velásquez, who came out quickly to frustrate the tie at the Techo stadium in the best action in Chilean attack.

Given that warning, the Colombian champion once again went on the offensive with a shot from Daniela Garavito that Guerrero neutralized, the same thing that Pinilla did against Reyes' centers, but the real situation came five minutes from the end with Higuera, who aim was lacking to finish.

In that rush to go for the second, Santa Fe unnecessarily gave up too many spaces, despite the fact that they were 1-0 in the quarterfinals.

And she paid dearly for that risk in a counterattack by the blues that ended in Fernández's goal to achieve a heroic classification in the 89th minute and leave the Colombians out of the way, who fell 1-1 to third place with four points.

In the other game of Group B, Olimpia did the job, winning 3-1 against Universitario to move into second place with six points with goals from Yanira González and Griselda Garay, in addition to Karen Balcaza's own goal and Cindy Novoa's discount. They will face Palmeiras, the current champion. EFE



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